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The audit

The audit is rigorous and detailed. We will examine documented policies, systems and procedures and also the way that activities are actually carried out in practice. The auditor also conducts an examination of your premises to identify areas of potential risk and hazard. At all times we ensure that we are pragmatic and sensible with our advice and guidance. We work with you. We are not there to judge the school - just to assess the current situation and to help, advise and recommend.

After the audit we create a report which is clear and easy to understand. The report includes an executive summary with key points of note and our opinions. There is a score summary which allows you to see your strengths and weaknesses across all subject areas, at a glance.

Click here to see an example (pdf, 284kb).

Most importantly, you will receive your prioritised improvement plan to help you to achieve and maintain the high standards required for SafetyMARK status, as well as to help you to keep improving.

If you don’t achieve the required standard, you are able to make improvements in your own time with all of the support that you need from our advisors and our members’ area. Any improvements will be assessed by the SafetyMARK auditor remotely. If and when you improve sufficiently, you will receive your award of excellence.