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SafetyMARK - Recognising safety excellence in schools

Online training

SafetyMARK - Recognising Safety Excellence in Schools

SafetyMARK provides access to online training for schools, produced in association with IIRSM (International Institute of Risk and Safety Management). Some of the courses require you to purchase extremely low cost licences and some of them are completely free for you to use and share. This approach makes it very convenient and low cost to train large numbers of staff in schools in a flexible manner, which does not pull them away from their jobs for long periods. They can dip in and out of the courses, as and when it suits them and their workloads.

The courses are delivered via a simple system, which makes managing staff progress clear, via an easy to use control panel.

You can purchase the following courses:

You can also purchase the following management level training courses:

The following courses are completely free to use:

Our online safety training can be accessed by clicking this link.


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SafetyMARK - Recognising Safety Excellence in Schools. Administered by In House.