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SafetyMARK - Recognising safety excellence in schools

The process

SafetyMARK - Recognising Safety Excellence in Schools

So how does the process actually work?

  1. Register.
    Contact us and we will send you some initial information and a fee confirmation along with a unique reference number. There is no commitment whatsoever at this stage. Feel free to talk to us as much as you like about the process.
  2. Join.
    When you do decide to join the scheme we will give you immediate access to the resources in the members’ area and advice from our competent safety practitioners if you need assistance in preparing. We will book a date with you to carry out an on-site safety audit at your convenience.
  3. Audit.
    We will visit your school to carry out the audit with you. (> See audit page for further information)
  4. Report.
    Afterwards, we will send you a full, scored report with a prioritised improvement plan.
  5. Improvement.
    If your school meets the standard at the outset you will immediately be sent your framed certificate of excellence and will be able to use the SafetyMARK logo on all of your literature and electronic material. You will still be able to demonstrate continual improvement with the benefit of the plan and our support.

    If the standard is not achieved, then you can work on your plan and send us details of your improvements. Once you meet the standard, we will send you your award.
  6. Support.
    Being a part of SafetyMARK gives you access to competent safety support and our members’ area resources. (> See members' benefits page for further details).

    The cycle lasts for two years after which you can renew if you wish to keep the award and the member benefits. A fresh audit will be conducted and your improvements and achievements can be demonstrated to all of your stakeholders.


> Preparation

> The audit



SafetyMARK - Recognising Safety Excellence in Schools. Administered by In House.