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SafetyMARK - Recognising safety excellence in schools

Pre-Audit Preparation

SafetyMARK - Recognising Safety Excellence in Schools

So what subjects will the audit cover?

The audit is divided into three main top level categories:

  1. Management
  2. Premises
  3. Welfare

These are the subject areas within those sections:
> Download pdf, 244kb

A full tour and inspection of the premises is included along with the documentation review and meetings with key staff.

What documentation will I need to get ready for the audit?

Here is a pre-audit documentation list to assist you with preparation:
> Download pdf, 447kb

I’m a school governor, what should I be asking about safety and what answers should I expect from the school?

Here are some questions to ask your senior management team and a methodology for rating the responses you get:
> Download pdf, 291kb

If you have any questions about your audit preparation, please do not hesitate to
contact us.


> The process

> The audit


SafetyMARK - Recognising Safety Excellence in Schools. Administered by In House.