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SafetyMARK - Recognising safety excellence in schools

Our partners

SafetyMARK enjoys partnerships with some very high profile and influential organisations in the world of health and safety and school management. Some of our partners are listed below:



SafetyMARK is proud to work in close partnership with the IIRSM (The International Institute of Risk and Safety Management), which recognises the importance and need for a school safety standard. The partnership has resulted in a dual branded online safety awareness training package entitled ‘Health and Safety Awareness for Schools’. This can be viewed at http://www.schoolsafetytraining.co.uk



We are delighted to be working with NASBM (The National Association of School Business Management). The Association was established to support the training, qualification and professional regulation of the role of school business managers. The Association offers an influential voice in national educational policy and continually strives to raise the profile of school business management.

Our relationship with NASBM has resulted in the creation of two essential IOSH-accredited safety training courses for schools.

The first is IOSH Safety for the SLT in Schools, a one day course for senior personnel of educational establishments with a strategic responsibility for H&S management systems. See http://www.nasbm.co.uk/Home/Training/IOSH-Accredited-Safety-for-the-SLT-in-Schools.aspx for further details or contact SafetyMARK direct.

The second is IOSH Managing Safely in Schools, a two day course for managers of all departments within schools with responsibility for managing or implementing health and safety systems. See http://www.nasbm.co.uk/Home/Training/IOSH-Accredited-Managing-Safety-in-Schools.aspx for further details or contact SafetyMARK direct.


The Key

The Key is a question-answering service for school leaders and SafetyMARK provides competent safety advice through The Key to their members. SafetyMARK scheme members are entitled to a 10% discount on standard annual membership of The Key. Just use promotional code SAM10.



Gate Safe

We are delighted to be an official Gate Safe Supporter. Gate Safe is the national campaign which aims to improve the safety of automated gates – something which we are firmly committed to doing at SafetyMARK as there have been some tragic consequences for children in recent years. Our auditors have been trained to be Gate Safe Aware and we work with the campaign to spread the word.


Safety in Action

Safety in Action Maistone
Maidstone Borough Council

Safety in Action is an annual event which aims to teach young children (10 to 11 year olds) from primary schools, how to deal with potentially dangerous and sometimes life-threatening situations. There are a range of scenarios that the children have to deal with, which range from being approached by a stranger with drugs, reacting to a fire and dealing with an accident. Maidstone Borough Council facilitates the event, but works in partnership with the emergency services and other agencies to put the event on. SafetyMARK is delighted to be involved and to help provide funding for such an important project.

The programme includes:

General Safety, Environmental Awareness, Road Safety, Bus Safety, Drug and Alcohol Awareness, Beach and Water Safety, Electrical Safety, Safety on the Railways, Fire Safety and First Aid.


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