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SafetyMARK - Recognising safety excellence in schools

What's in the members' area

SafetyMARK - Recognising Safety Excellence in Schools

When schools join the SafetyMARK scheme, they are immediately granted access to our powerful members’ area, which is provided using the Clinked platform. This gives schools access to:

The school safety resource library

This contains more than 400 high quality downloadable documents to help schools manage health and safety. You can use these resources to prepare for your audit or else to help address recommendations made in your improvement plan, after the audit. The resources are divided into:

  • Model Policies & Procedures
  • Model Risk Assessments
  • Guidance
  • Training Packs

The library is fully searchable by context or tag, which saves you so much time when you’re looking for something and also because you get the right documents to do the job without having to reinvent the wheel yourself.

Your own school safety management hub

Each school has its own hub within the members' area, which is fully branded with the school's own logo and livery. You can store all of your safety and maintenance-related documentation here, with a bullet proof audit trail that is generated as you work or improve. There is also a task management facility, which allows you to manage all of your safety and maintenance activities and to upload evidence as you do so. The recommendations from your SafetyMARK audit will be uploaded into this area, so that you can work on your improvements and record your evidence.

All of this will also be accessible from any iOS or Android device by downloading the free apps from the App Store or Play Store.

A forum to help you connect and share

You will be able to interact with the SafetyMARK community in our forum, where you can post or read the experiences of others or else share practices. It's all about making life as easy possible, whilst delivering excellence in school safety management.

A live feed

News items and resources are constantly being added to the members' area. When items of interest are posted, you will receive a notification so that you keep abreast of changes, news items, legislation updates and helpful resources.

And finally, if we don't have it, let us know!...

Members benefit from support and advice from our professional safety advisors and can seek help regarding the use and application of these resources. If something isn’t available to download, members can let us know and, if we can see that it will be of use to others, we will create the document and add it to the site.

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SafetyMARK - Recognising Safety Excellence in Schools. Administered by In House.