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The reasons for joining SafetyMARK are many and varied. Each school is likely to have different motivations depending upon its own set of circumstances. Your school might currently be operating at high or low levels of compliance. You might just need external verification of standards or a helping hand and a plan because of changing circumstances within the school or with a Local Authority. In each case, SafetyMARK provides the framework and resources to benchmark, improve and reassure.

The SafetyMARK scheme is already well-recognised by a wide range of organisations and it is the only scheme out there helping to benchmark safety standards in schools, nationwide – with a view to helping all schools achieve high levels of compliance. This is what we are passionate about.

You might be undecided about joining SafetyMARK right now because you feel that your school’s safety standards might not be good enough. The SafetyMARK scheme is about going through a process which will take you from your current level, whatever it may be, to a level of safety excellence.  These schools love to have a really practical plan and the support to understand and implement it. Schools can work towards the award over a two year period, providing evidence of their improvements and as soon as they meet the standard they receive their award which is then valid for as long as is left of the two year period.

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It is also important to understand that the current Ofsted inspection criteria evaluate ‘how relentlessly leaders, managers and the governing body pursue a vision for excellence, for example through: the rigorous implementation of well focused improvement plans’. SafetyMARK will help to demonstrate this and fits within this ethos perfectly.