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About In House - our parent company

In House has a proven track record based upon long-standing partnerships with schools, providing support in all aspects of health and safety. We have a long list of schools that we work with and some very prestigious names amongst them. Over the years, we have worked closely with school governors, management and operational staff and so we understand the people, the environment and the risks. This means that In House has developed the knowledge and expertise necessary to help create safe environments for education.

As a result, we are delighted to be administering the SafetyMARK scheme because it fits perfectly with In House’s ethos of recognising safety excellence in schools. It is our aim to be integral to the improvement of safety standards in the education sector.

At In House, we always look to provide pragmatic advice, which lessens the likelihood of accidents occurring, reduces staff absence due to injury or stress and promotes a positive safety culture. That can only be positive for all school stakeholders.

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Why use SafetyMARK..

• Comply with the safety standards required for Ofsted/ISI inspections
• Gain recognition for your school's achievements 
• Promote your school as a centre of safety excellence
• Reassure governors, staff and parents about safety standards
• Reduce accidents/incidents